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Woodward/Remick Collection


Landgrove Historical Society,Landgrove, VT, USA


Landgrove Community Church


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2 cubic feet.

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Aquisition Information

Gift of Karl Pfister III

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This collection is not restricted. The Landgrove Historical Society is not the copyright holder for this collection and therefore researchers need to obtain the copyright holder’s permission before publication or dissemination.


The Woodward Collection is a collection of early Landgrove material collected by Dr. Karl Pfister III. Includes Ambrose Woodward’s Account Book as well as Auditor’s Reports, School Reports, Photographs, and other official and non-official documents over a significant period of time. A large portion of the collection is related to the Woodward/Fenn Family of Landgrove.

Processing History

The collection was processed by Blair Williams as a part of an internship in the Fall of 2012.

Biographical History

Karl Pfister was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1919 to Karl Hans Theodore Pfister II and Edna Halbach Pfister. The elder Pfister was an organic chemist originally from Germany whose laboratory in the basement of his Summit, NJ home likely began Dr. Pfister’s interest in science and was further developed at MIT. Dr. Pfister graduated with a BS in 1940 and a PhD in organic chemistry in 1942 due to an accelerated program, WWII, and the need for scientists. Shortly after his graduation, he began work at Merck where he met his future wife, Margaret Wetjen. His introduction to Landgrove was a result of the stories of his Uncle Chet MacArthur—who was married to his mother’s sister and WWI volunteer ambulance driver along with close friend S. R. Ogden, a longtime Landgrove resident—whom he visited in Boston while attending MIT. A visit to his Uncle’s home in Landgrove in 1957, prompted Dr. Pfister to purchase the Nielson Farm at 2 Little Michigan Road. This would become the place that he and his family would spend summers and eventually retirement in 1971. Here he applied his scientific training to the growing of apples as well as land conservation. Additionally, he served on local boards and town positions. His interest in the history of Landgrove was sparked because of working on the 1976 bicentennial commission. He and his wife Peg, an amateur photographer, organized the main exhibit of enlarged copies of old photographs depicting Landgrove. As a result, Dr. Pfister’s interest in the town of Landgrove grew resulting in 30 years of research on various historical topics in addition to his numerous other interests.

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Scope and Content Note

The Woodward Collection is a collection of material collected by Dr. Karl Pfister III from the Samuel R. Ogden House, material from Helen Cody, and from William J. Remick who was the last connection of the Woodward family to own the former home of Ambrose Woodward house in Landgrove. The Remick material was collected by Ambrose Woodward and includes a number of early original Landgrove material including personal documents related to the Woodward/Fenn family as well as official town documents.

The materials included in the collection contain information related to the early history of Landgrove as well as older materials collected by early Landgrove residents. These latter materials include various 19th century magazines, bibles, and other books. Of note in the collection are the photographs of the Woodward family, the Ambrose Woodward Account Book, the Landgrove Library Catalog, and the various school district reports. Other town documents include the oldest known Landgrove Grand List done in 1805 as well as other material which provides an insight into who was living in Landgrove as well as tiny tidbits of information on how business and government were transacted during the 19th Century.

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Arrangement Notes

Karl Pfister originally performed the arrangement of the Woodward Collection as he collected various historical items from the Ogden, Cody, and Remick home. This collection was later added to from the gift of Bill Roberts. Dr. Pfister then worked with Kathy Van Wyck to preserve the collection in preparation for its donation to the Landgrove Historical Society. The arrangement has largely been maintained in the inventory below with the exception that Series 12 and 13 have been taken from the main Dr. Karl Pfister collection due to their relationship to the Woodward Family and material. Dr. Pfister suggested series 13 likely came from this material while Series 12 is directly related to the Woodward family as well as containing original documents from Ambrose Woodward and it was Bill Roberts who gave the Ambrose Woodward recollections to Karl Pfister in 2009 along with other parts of Series 12.

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Series Listing

  • Series 1: Grand Lists and Lister's Books
  • Series 2: Auditor’s Reports and Statements of Wages Paid for Services
  • Series 3: The Remick Collection
  • Series 4: Miscellaneous Documents Pertaining to Property
  • Series 5: Autograph Books
  • Series 6: School District Reports
  • Series 7: Tax Collector
  • Series 8: A Scrapbook of Landgrove
  • Series 9: Early Landgrove School Records
  • Series 10: Landgrove Road System
  • Series 11: Miscellaneous Documents dated 1816 to 1845
  • Series 12: Woodward Family History
  • Series 13: Framed Photographs

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