Abel E. Leavenworth Civil War Correspondence

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Leavenworth, Abel E.

Mary Leavenowrth

United States History--Civil War--1862-1865

Richmond (Va.)

Abel E. Leavenworth held numerous positions during the Civil War. As the war came to its conclusion, Leavenworth was one of commanders who led the Union Army into the Confederate Capitol of Richmond. He was eventually promoted to the Assistant Adjutant General of Appomatox before he was mustered out in June 1865. Over the course of three years Leavenworth kept up a prolific correspondence with his wife, family, and friends from across the United States. His letters reflect not only the experiences he witnessed on the front lines, in camp, and military life but the ordindary thoughts which exist even during times of great hardships.

The following is but a brief snapshot of the Abel Leavenworth's time in the Union Army presented with additional materials to provide context and a further connection with the past.

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