Abel E. Leavenworth Civil War Correspondence

Abel Leavenworth to Mary Leavenworth April 9, 1865


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Office Provost Marshal General

Department of Virginia

Richmond, Va. Apr. 9th 1865

My Beloved Wife:

I have been overwhelmed with work since I came to the city the 6th inst. All officers on duty in the City are in the same condition. Such confusion and destitution consequent upon the awful conflagration of last Monday I never dreamed of realizing. I never expected to see another display of fire works equal to that we had in Yorktown in Dec. 1863, but that we had here was for a head of it in terrible grandeur. I am very well. As soon as we get settled, m position will be very

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pleasant, as I am in the office of the Prov. Mar. Genl. and the many subordinate offices will assigned the duties of detail. Trade permits ? thro’ our office, and the general direction of the whole. Two citizen clerks arrived today, and I shall be greatly relieved as they have had experiences in the office at Fort Monroe. I shall try to specify particulars to you as soon as I get settled, but we have all been so absorbed in the exciting scenes and great events that have rolled in upon us for the past week, that it has been scarcely possible to sit down and write collectedly, if we had the time which I have not had. The weather is delightful. For myself, I am satisfied. It is glory enough for me to have been apart of what I have been during the three years past. I feel that my fighting is done, and that I have endured with the full fruition of the prize for which we have struggled four years past. (side note: I enclose a Confederate bill.)

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I write in haste now to let you know that I am well.

I hope to hear, as soon as possible, whether you deem it safe to join me, but feel it probable that this pleasure must be denied me.

Mrs. Roberts is in the city, but I have not seen her yet.

With much love and abiding affection

Your devoted husband

Abel E. Leavenworth

Capt. And Asst. Rear Mar.