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Toothpick from Point Lookout

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Title Leavenworth Point Lookout Toothpick
Creator Unknown
Subject Leavenworth, Abel E.; United States--History--Civil War 1861-1865
Description Toothpick said to have been made from human bone at Point Lookout.  Lettering originally colored with human blood.  Owned by Capt.  A.E. Leavenworth, 9th Vt. Vols.  An example of a soldier's spare time activities.  Says "Hell of a prison" and "Point Lookout".  Has four layers with zig zag edges, each side has three toothpicks sticking out, one toothpick is broken on left side, on opposite side the one toothpick is chipped it is held together by two small metal pieces.
Date 1862-1865
Type PhysicalObject 
Format PhysicalResource 
Identifier A2886
Source William Stowell Leavenworth
Language English
Relation Brig. General Edward Ripley Collection
Coverage Point Lookout (Md.)
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