Abel E. Leavenworth Civil War Correspondence


What is the naming convention for the file names?

The file names of the letters refer to the date, the person who wrote the letter, the individual who recieved the letter, and the order of the scans. A file with the name 650402AL-ML1 is therefore a letter from the year 1865, written in April (the 4th month) on the second day of the month. The letter is also from an indivdual with the intitals AL (in this case Abel E. Leavenworth) to ML (Mary G. Leavenworth) and the file is the first scan in the series

Where can I go to learn more about Abel Leavenworth? Vermont in the Civil War?

The purpose of the prototype is to present a model of how a small scale digital libarary and the various functions and services it would have if it was fully operational. Therefore some aspects of the prototype will not work fully.

What is the purpose of the prototype?

There are a number of good resources if you are interested in learning more about Abel Leavenworth. The Bennington Museum has a substatianl collection related to Leavenworth from before the Civil War to well after. The Vermont in the Civil War has a wonderful collection of information related to Leavenworth, his unit, and the State of Vermont in the Civil War. Finally, there are a number of collections throughout Vermont which contain information on the Vermont in the Civil War including the College which Leavenworth helped establish in Castleton State College.